Book Review: The Summoning

the summoning book coverTitle: The Summoning
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publication Date:  July 1, 2008
Genre: Paranormal Horror, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy


Chloe Sanders wanted a normal life but seeing and hearing ghosts since childhood, she knew that her life can never be as normal as going to school, meeting new friends and maybe meet a boy. She tried to live a normal life but things got worse when once in school, she saw a ghost and freaked out. Because of that incident she was diagnosed to have schizophrenia and was sent to Lyle school- a group home for mentally disturbed teenagers. The school seemed okay but when she started meeting other patients like Simon, his brother, Derek, mean Tori, and Rae who was a “pyromaniac”, there seemed to be something strange and sinister that put them together in that school. Now, she had to find out what was that and was it connected to  the strange “illness” of the patients of Lyle House and with her capability of seeing ghosts ?


                Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors because of her exceptional idea and genre of paranormal stuff. I like her idea of combining all of the urban fantasy characters in one plot. Werewolves, Demons, Sorcerers and Necromancers are all in one book. The “Darkest Power” Series is just one of the book series that I totally got hooked into. The page-turning horror and thrill are in the books. In this first installment of Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Power Series, I’m really impressed of the plot and the twist of the novel. It was thrilling and fun to read.
                What I like about the characters is that they seem to be really at their age, the way they think in the story, the way they act and the way they feel. I like the character of Chloe. She’s innocent but smart and witty. I also like the mystery of the other characters in the story like Derek’s and the others.
                Fantasy and Paranormal Fans will surely enjoy this Trilogy. Watch out for my next reviews about the following books: The Awakening and The Reckoning.

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