An Angel’s Passion

passion_book_coverTitle: Passion 
Author: Lauren Kate
Publication Date: June 14, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young-Adult


Lucinda Price would die for Daniel Grigori and she already had over and over in every lifetime. And in each lifetime, Luce had witnessed firsthand how painfully they were torn apart by the curse that they had been going through for thousands of years! Luce knew that there’s something or someone that can help her to give answers and break the curse. And Lucinda could only think of one way to do that and that is by going back to her past. Luce traveled by her Announcer (the shadow that can travel to the past) and the past showed her how  she and Daniel were passionately in love with each other but in the end of each lifetime, she burned and died and left Daniel tormented over and over. 
The Outcasts and the other angels and Nephilims including Shelby and Miles, and Cam were chasing for her but none as eager as Daniel, afraid that Luce might alter the future by rewriting the past. Daniel would chase for Luce and he knew she would find her as he always did in each lifetime. 

             "Every single lifetime, I'll choose you. Just as you have chosen me. Forever." -- Daniel Grigori

Oh, I’m so in love with the story of Passion! Going back to the past of Daniel and Luce gives me the answers that I’ve been looking for from the first (Fallen) and second (Torment) book. In this Book Lauren Kate had shown how great the love of Daniel for Luce was. Daniel was left tormented in each lifetime that Luce had to die and he would wait for Luce and him to meet again after seventeen years. Yet, in this lifetime, there was a loophole to the curse and Lucinda would do everything to find out the cause of that loophole and stop the curse. But, what if Daniel is the key and the reason why the cursed had a loophole? Now, Daniel was also eager to make the change and break the curse and most importantly find Luce no matter where it takes him to. 

           Lucinda and Daniel in this story were so passionate and this book was really the book of all the revelations though not totally. There are still unanswered question but let’s leave it to the fourth and final book Rapture to answer those. In this story, Lucinda had proven and realized that Daniel is worth fighting for because for me, the curse is heavier for Daniel; seeing you love die over and over and waiting for another seventeen years to meet her again without any idea that they had loved each other over and over. 
I was surprised by the new character during Lucinda’s quest and shocked by the revelation that the strange creature that Luce met was Lucifer/Satan himself. Now, Lucifer is eager to alter the future and erase the love story of Daniel and Luce from the past.

            I really love the twist of the story and now that somehow everything’s becoming clear, a new battle for Daniel and Luce will be coming: a battle for their love against Satan. Will they be able to beat him and be together forever? Why was Lucifer so eager to ruin their love? Will my theory be true that Lucinda Price is related to Lucifer and that is the reason of their cursed love?
              Well, let’s find out about it on the last installment of Lauren Kate’s A Fallen Novel Rapture to be released on the Spring of 2012. :)

Two thumbs up for Lauren Kate! I can’t wait for the fourth book to be released. Consistently beautiful and enticing book covers to all the Fallen Novels. :)

Preceded By: Torment
Followed By: Rapture (2012)  

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