Tormented by Love

Torment_book_coverTitle: Torment
Author: Lauren Kate
Publication Date: Sept 28, 2009
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young-Adult


After the great battle at the Swords and Cross, Lucinda Price had to leave the place because the Outcasts were hunting for her. And the only place safe for her is Shoreline – the school for fallen angels and Nephilims (offspring of fallen angels and humans). Shoreline is a cheerful and vibrant place unlike Swords and Cross but Luce was still not happy because her fallen angel boyfriend Daniel Grigori had to be far from her to protect her from the Outcasts. Luce met new friends at Shoreline like Shelby and Miles. But Miles had special feelings for her and with Daniel’s absence; she was not able to trust Daniel and entertained the idea that maybe if she would not choose Daniel, the curse will be broken. Is it worth it to sacrifice her love for Daniel if both of them would live their own live even if it takes to be tormented?
  Moreover, Lucinda learned how to use her Announcers (the shadows that can travel to someone’s past) and used it to know more about her past with Daniel and found out that Daniel wasn’t telling her everything she had to know.
         In the end, the angels and the Outcasts had an encounter fighting over Lucinda and which side should she choose. Luce, confused and tormented, left with her announcer and Daniel had to look for his love wherever it takes him to.

  If you loved Fallen, you’ll surely love Torment, a Fallen Novel and the second installment of Lauren Kate’s Fallen Book Series. From this sequel, again, I fell in love with the story and at the same time, it broke my heart. I didn’t like the way Luce doubted Daniel’s love for her. I think that in every relationship, trust is the most important thing to make it work. Luce did not trust Daniel’s love and it was heart-breaking for Daniel to see Luce’s intimacy with Miles. I also hate how Luce reacted after finding out that Daniel had a past with Shelby.
           I admire Daniel in this story because despite of Luce’s doubt on him, he patiently and sincerely loved Luce the way he always did in every lifetime. 

           Still, Lauren Kate was able to affect me with the plot of the story. The ending was quite unexpected because in this sequel Luce and Daniel did not end up together. Furthermore, it left me with theories and questions of what might happen in the next book:

Will Lucinda change her mind and go back to Daniel?
Is Lucinda Price somehow connected with Lucifer or is she, herself is an angel? If not, then why was    Daniel so concerned if Luce might be shot by the Starshot (an arrow that can kill an angel and has no effect to humans)?
What is the mystery behind Lucinda and Daniel’s cursed love?

             There is only one way to find out all of these and that is to read the following books by Lauren KatePassion and Rapture.
              Be ready to be tormented by this book!

Preceded By: Fallen
Followed By: Passion 

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