The City of Lost Souls Cover Unveiled!

City Of Lost SoulsThe most-awaited cover of the fifth installment of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instrument Series is finally unveiled! For all TMI fans, 2012 is surely a year not to be feared but to get excited for because of the upcoming release of City of Lost Souls plus the long-awaited movie adaptation of the first three books of the TMI series that is said to be filmed this year.
Moreover, as a bookworm, I am most excited with the release of this book. As I always say, the cover of the book deeply reflects what the readers must expect and gain from the book. And I have to commend Clare’s artist for the brilliant covers of The Mortal Instruments series. If you have to take a look (below) at the previous covers of the TMI books, you will see how the artist captures the interest of the audience by showing a glimpse of how the characters look. In this current cover, the two main characters were finally revealed. So, I am already excited for what’s next for the following books.

My thoughts about the cover:

I would have to say that this cover is so far my most favorite. I like how the artist finally revealed the face of Jace. I like the Jace in this cover. He’s exactly what the book describes (totally hot and oh so handsome!) and Clary? She’s so gorgeous with that flaming red hair. Can they just be the ones to play for the movie? Haha! Anyways, speaking of the movie, I’m also excited with the outcome. With all the news leaking and spreading in the net, the fans (like me) can’t just get enough.

For the movie casts update, it is confirmed that Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins will play as Jace and Clary. But for the other characters, there’s no definite casts yet so I guess we just have to wait. I’m kind of excited with who will play as Simon (Clary’s best friend). I’ll personally go for Logan Lerman for that role! Go Team Logan! haha!

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