Why I Chose A Career in Computer Science?

                   A nursing graduate will have a nursing career when he graduates; an engineering graduate will be an engineer; an accountancy graduate will be an accountant; but being a ComSci graduate, will take you to a lot of opportunities you can ever imagine. You can be a Programmer, Database Administrator, Web Developer, System Developer, Computer Analyst, Technical Support Engineer, Process Engineer, IT Consultant and many more to be mentioned.

                With all of the opportunities that CS can offer and  the vast evolution of technology in the modern civilization, it is not very hard to look for a career for a Computer Science graduates and that is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue my degree in Computer Science (CS).

                As I clearly remembered what my computer teacher back in High School said, he told us that technology will never be obsolete as long as man exists in the world; it never goes out of fashion and it keeps developing and improving as time goes by. Truly, I believed what my teacher told us and it gave me the motivation of pursuing college with a BSCS degree.

                Aside from the many opportunities that CS offers, it was also fun learning the lessons. There’s so much more to learn even after the four years in college because of its very broad scope and that’s what makes it thrilling. I truly enjoyed learning how to develop systems, how to make games and how to develop different computer applications. It was also fun working out our group projects because aside from learning a lot technically, I also learned how to be emotionally productive in terms of leadership and camaraderie among my members.

                Computer Science is not an easy course to take and I have proven it during my stay in college. It was unimaginably hard for I didn’t expect it to be that complicated. It required a lot of mathematical and logical skills to survive the course. But of course, I had to get used to it and work hard to pass the subjects and fortunately, I was able to finish the four difficult years in Computer Science.

                Now, as I go back to my experiences in college, I would tell myself that it was a bittersweet success. Through all the hardships that I’ve gone through, it was still fulfilling to be able to learn and finish that chapter of my life. And now, I’m ready to face the new chapter and I know that I can make it through whatever obstacles I may encounter on the way.

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