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Wella S. Añonuevo

     My dad said that my name “Wella” is after the shampoo brand Wella. How funny that my dad had to be the one to give me name and named me after a woman’s shampoo brand. When I was young, I used to hate my name but then, I lived with it all throughout my 20 years of existence and I started loving the name given to me—simple yet unique. And, that’s how I describe myself.

      Based from a few researches that I’ve made, it turned out that my name also has a literal meaning and that is “stream”. A stream is a body of water flowing in a channel or watercourse, as a river, rivulet, or brook. Well, I can relate this to my interests and dreams in life. Just like the steady current of the stream water, I want to have a steady and stable job in the future. I want to practice my skills being a Computer Science graduate and also I want to pursue my interest in writing. I love to read books ever since and I guess that’s what made me aspire to be a writer. When I was in High School, I really wanted to enhance and excel in journalism but when I had to enter college, I decided to take up BSCS and turn down my passion because compared to journalism; there are more opportunities that my course can offer. But, I also started to love my course during my 2nd year because it really amazed me of how broad the industry of IT is and the wide pool of opportunities that await the graduates. I’ve always dreamed of combining Com Sci and writing and if I have that opportunity, I will never let go of it.

     So, I guess names really have significance in how we live our life and like a stream, I want to reach my ocean and those are my goals in life. I know that achieving these goals can be as hard as swimming through the waves of the water but I will never lose hope until I reach the shore where my dreams await me no matter what it takes. :)

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chin June 29, 2011 at 10:15 PM it, wella!!!kip it up!luv yah!!!mwuah!!

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